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About My Work

From studying Fine Arts at Camberwell College, University of the Arts, London, the philosophy of learning through making has stayed with me. My practice explores the dialogue between walking and drawing, seeking out landscapes from which I can physically combine disciplines to work across drawing, printmaking and bookmaking.

Using a small concertina sketchbook to draw in when out walking, the unfurling pages echo the undulating terrain and pauses along the path. Robert Macfarlane writes of ‘the footfall as a way of seeing the landscape’ and from this rhythm I find I am able to embrace who and where I am. The folds of the book allow for overlapping imagery, giving shape to the journey I am making. On my return, I work fluidly from my sketchbook, dismantling the boundaries between distinct art forms to create prints, large scale drawings and books.

I have recently relocated to Bath from West Sussex. I am a member of the Walking Artists Network and Bath Artists Studios.

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